Marash Architects Ltd

Established by Joseph Shereshevski (RIP)

Established 1969

Architect Ram Marash :Owner/General Manager
Hila Yacov :Administrative Manager
Dorit Ohayun :Team Leaders
Yohay Dimant
Marianna Kimiagrov
 Pavel Bonder
Menachem Pinchovski :Senior Architect
 10 Architects Staff
8 Practical Architects
 1 Urban Geographer
2 Secretaries
Civic Buildings Fields of Expertise
Health Facilities
Commercial, Entertainment, Offices, Industrial &Transportation
Interior Design
Conservation & Rehabilitation
Urban Planning

Ram Marsh – Experience

1988     Certified Architect, Haifa Technion

1988-1991     Work in various Architects’ offices in Haifa & Tel-Aviv

1991-1996     Partner in Shereshevski-Marash Architects

1996-2001     Partner in Shereshevski Marash Architects Ltd

2001-2002     Partner with David NofarArchitects and City Planners Ltd (Nofar Marash)

2002     to date Owner/General Manager of Marash Architects Ltd

Ram Marash – Civic Work
2008-2012 Management Committee Teary Salme (Eshalim) Village for Dependent Youth

2010-2017 Member of The Israel Air Force Museum non-profit Organization

2013 up to date Architect on the Board of the Be’er Sheva River Park Authority

2017 Member of the Friends of the Be’er Sheva Theater Association

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